Display systems / display

    Display switch

    • High-resolution display integrated in smallest installation space
    • Animated image sequences flicker-free displayable
    • Black panel effect
    • High-quality surfaces in high-gloss black and chrome

    Display premium

    • Full color TFT display (3.5 in.)
    • Integrated operating keys
    • Stand-alone function due to integrated battery
    • Smartphone app support
    • Excellent readability in sunlight
    • Automatic headlights
    • Adaptive display illumination
    • Protection type IP 65
    • Optional with handlebar holder

    Control Unit Comfort and Comfort Plus

    • Display for support level and state of charge
    • Automatic headlights
    • Integrated dot-matrix display
    • Excellent readability in sunlight
    • Joystick Control
    • Scoop function
    • Protection type IP 65
    • Smartphone app support

    Room control unit

    • Wired or wireless (WIFI) communication with heating control system
    • 4.3“ or 5“ full color TFT display
    • Attractive and high-quality designs with excellent haptics
    • Turn/press control for user-friendly operation
    • Integrated proximity sensor as wake-up function
    • Intuitive menu navigation

    Boiler control unit

    • For wall-hanging gas boilers and heat pumps
    • Beautiful design and outstanding haptics
    • Design, industrialization and series production from a single source


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