Operating units

    Steering wheel switch

    • Low installation depth
    • Various switching systems possible
    • Haptic feedback
    • Capacitive sensors
    • Optical finger navigation
    • Display can be integrated

    Control panel

    • High-quality chrome surfaces
    • Qualitative symbol illumination

    Gear selection switch

    • Shift-by-wire solution for the greatest design freedom
    • In-mold labeling technology for sophisticated surfaces
    • Complex force curve possible
    • Motors and solenoids for active haptic

    Control unit

    • With dust and water protection IP
    • Optimized actuation characteristics
    • Complete module with cable assembly
    • Optionally available with integrated electronics

    Central Control Unit

    • With CAN J1939 interface
    • Design and functional range can be customized
    • Jog dial with 4-way tilt function
    • With dust and water protection IP 67
    • Six buttons for quick access
    • Touch function in the jog dial with character recognition
    • RGB lighting (optional)

    LIN switch panel

    • Operating inserts can be freely configured
    • Installation and removal without tools
    • Requires only one LIN node
    • Various lighting options
    • Various switching options


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