Covering the distance with Marquardt

    Marquardt is buzzing because we are also on board with the giants of the road: we have worked together with renowned truck manufacturers for over fifteen years. Always: Reliability, longevity and driver comfort are a must! Our long-standing experience in the development and production of driving authorization systems and operating components already enter the design phase of the vehicle development. In our company, standard does not mean a standard by numbers. On the contrary: our solutions are tailor-made to meet the various demands of the industry.

    Operating components (HMI)

    LIN switch panel

    • Operating inserts can be freely configured
    • Installation and removal without tools
    • Requires only one LIN node
    • Various lighting options
    • Various switching options


    Short-lift key

    • Low height
    • Versions with built-in LED
    • Excellent haptics due to distinctive pressure point
    • Different color and operating force versions
    • Extremely large actuating surface
    • Convenient operating characteristics due to clearly noticeable pressure point

    Rocker switch

    • Extremely reliable, self-cleaning snap-action switching system
    • With dust and water protection IP 66 / IP 68
    • Wide range of models for a wide range of applications
    • Up to four built-in LEDs for numerous lighting variations

    Drive authorization systems

    Display key

    • Customer-specific key design
    • Highly integrated electronics with self-developed ASICs
    • Proven Marquardt system with excellent interference immunity
    • Innovative RF multi-channel technology to improve reliability
    • Fully integrated 3D transponder with a function range of 10 cm

    Control devices, antennas

    • With coordinated components to the perfect system
    • Highly integrated functions, thus smaller assembly space
    • Can be used for various bus systems (CAN, LIN, Flexray, MOST etc.)
    • Three-antenna system for medium-sized vehicles, four antennas for large vehicles and SUVs


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